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Important! Please determine the type of fabric you have & select it below!

If you purchased Guardian Protection for your item, Click Here.

*Please be advised that any light color fabric can get dirty. Please use the following instructions to spot clean, or hire a professional upholstery cleaning company to clean your sofa when needed.* 


If You Have a Revolution Performance Fabric:

Revolution Fabrics are great for stains! Like all woven fabrics, these may pill. Never over brush these fabrics or use a vacuum beater bar on them. 

  • For dirt stains (and other dry stains), simply take a white, dry paper towel and crumple it up.  Then lightly brush stain off.  

  • For sticky or stubborn stains like soda, spaghetti sauce, or red wine, make sure to first try to blot out the stain with a dry paper towel. Then you can either use an upholstery cleaner like Folex* (spray on to a paper towel and brush stain out).  Alternatively, you can fill a 32oz spray bottle with distilled water and one tablespoon of bleach.  Spray on the stain and then blot dry. Then rinse the stain with just distilled water (no bleach).  Then blot dry well with a dry paper towel.  This will prevent a water ring from forming. 

  • For general cleaning of your sofa, we recommend a professional upholstery company. Remember all light fabrics can get dirty!

  • For pilling, use a Gleener device as pilling forms. It is best to catch any pilling early on, and remove it with a Gleener.  Pilling is a natural shedding of a fabric and will eventually stop. It is not considered a defect. Gleeners can be purchased at our stores.

  • View videos below for further instructions.

*It is recommended to try any cleaners in an inconspicuous area before attempting on a visible area.